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what if... we give ourselves the chance to...

unveil our natural healing art & capacity for...

presence • silence • listening & connecting

through deep & subtle touch • coming together with & for each other

in a nurturing cared and caring enviroment & warm water?


what if... we dive into our embodied wisdom?

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somatic (re/des)eduction -in warmmMm water- practice/s.

body-mind-alignment through movement & listening repattering touch, in water.

join a...

training to become a practitioner & offer somatic aquatic body work session,

or... receive a...

session -or some- & experience it's benefits


join workshop & explore dance in water & taste the principles of the practice.





💧Somatic Aquatic methodology that provides tools for movement, massage sessions and conscious movement in (warm) WATER.
For self-knowledge, therapeutic and/or artistic implementation: offering aquatic bodywork sessions to others, self-care and dance in water.

💧Studies experientially:
-Human's body anathomy, physiology, psychophysicality.
-it's developement patterns and process.
Through a listenful, subtle, investigative, creative and playful pedagogy.
It addresses the experience of the body from: movement, contact, images, guided experiences, research and personal or group creations.

💧Unique experience based on embodiment and integration for a precise & complete re-alignment.
Based on deep listening & awakening of awarness of the diferent anatomical systems, distingudishing it's layers - skeleton, muscles, fluids, fascia, organs, among others-, and in relation to each other and the whole, within the liquid medium.

💧It also looks at developement and movement patterns through investigating ondulations, spirals, rotations, open / close; in buoyancy and the absence of resistence in water wich it's diferent than earth gravity.

💧This approach invites to experience diferent consciousness states so, of presence. In consequence, it opens space to different movement qualities, perception and sensing states, motor of action and emotion.

💧Movement and contact are born from listening to what wants to be here and now, from genuinely listen and moving, so: no pre-conceived movements, forms or choreographies. Instead, scores & listening to the intelligence of a conscious body.

💧Transmits the technical principles for a healthy holding, supporting and moving another in floatation and immersion. Paying same atention to the posture of who recieves the sesion as the posture of who facilitates it.

💧 It reconnects us with our essence. & embodilly remindse we are, basically, made of WATER. It bows to the Loving, embracing and Healing inteligence of this element.


There is also other types of Liquid Cosmos events such us smaller workshops or retreats ...
You can also just receive individual or couple sessions based on it's wisdom.
Or attend/participate to aquatic artistic creations (videos, photography exhibitions, instalations, performances)


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Tel: +34620277630 WASAP​

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